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Being with a military man is not always easy but it can be worth it.

Although you can depend on him, you have to depend on yourself more. Use your support groups, communicate with your military man as much as possible, take the time to achieve your own goals and limit the amount of news you watch (it makes it easier).4. Many of the military wife forums also welcome girlfriends. The unit tells things to the wives, but not to the girlfriends.

If you make friends with one of the wives, she can fill you in.

This is especially helpful when your military man is deployed.8. Every branch of the military has its own language and acronyms.

click here to free sign up and date her: My Own Words I would describe myself as a friendly, honest and caring person. I like Country music, Classic Counrty music, Rock and Classic Rock.

I like to go hiking/taking walks and I like to work out at the gym. I also like to stay in and watch a good movie or read a book. I like to hike and swim, go for walks, ride bicycles, go on picnics, love the beach.

It's important to me to spend quality time with my family. At present I live at home with my parents, I am a Care Giver for my Grandfather who lives with us. click here to free sign up and email him: his own words: Looking for a woman that wants a true relationship. I just learned to snowboard so thats my new winter hobby. Cant stand drama, unfaithfulness or self-absorbed woman. High School graduate, planning on eventually going to school to study nursing. I love motorcycles, going for rides through the mountains, taking my dirt bike out to trails. There are a ton of things I am and like to do but way to much to type here. click here to dating her: Her Own Words: 25, Single, Never Married, No Children.Love being outside, being out on the water, love gardening.It can be said that all relationships are work, but being involved in a military relationship adds another level of difficulty to the mix.The military has its own lifestyle, language, expectations and complications.

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