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If you just want to get some this Valentine's Day, perhaps you should consider making plans with someone who owns an Android phone.

A recent survey found that Android users are most likely to put out on the first date.

The survey, conducted by the dating site's "Relationship Insider" Kimberley Moffit, revealed some interesting correlations between smartphone ownership and dating habits, Venture Beat reported.

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Black Berry users seem to fall fast; 67 percent reported that they've experienced love at first sight.

They're also more prone to drink on a date, with 72 percent saying that they'll imbibe on the first outing.

People's social media habits could also offer some insight into what their dating life looks like.

Match said 72 percent have visited online dating sites, while 58 percent of i Phone users and 50 percent of Black Berry owners have done the same.

The survey showed that if you're interested in pursuing an office romance, you might want to look to co-workers who own i Phones.

Match learned that these users are the most inclined to date someone in the workplace, with nearly a quarter reporting that they've dated coworker in the last five years.Apple i Phone users don't ascribe to the "three day rule" of dating, either; they tend to wait just a day to make contact after a date, while Android and Black Berry users generally wait between two and three days.Match reported that 62 percent of Android owners will have sex after one date.By comparison, 57 percent of i Phone users and 48 percent of Black Berry owners said they've gotten down on the first date.Android users are also more likely than owners of other handsets to hit it and quit it, with 55 percent saying they'd have a one-night stand.In general, Android owners seem to be more open to online dating, too.


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