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Before Dallas, Bennett was previously linked to Lance Bass. ' Aaron Samuels), Matt Dallas came out via Twitter last night. Blue retweeted his fiancé's photo and message on his Twitter account: Congratulations to both Matt and Blue!He tweets: "Starting off the year with a new fiancé, @bluehamilton. Matt is also the first celebrity to publicly come out this year, and if curious, listen to Blue's music on Sound Cloud.

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But if someone never says it himself -- and even his publicist declines to comment on whether or not he is or if he's out of the closet -- is he really?

After we ran a story about Hough's gaffe, I was inundated with responses (both from Gay Voices readers and my own friends and acquaintances) that mostly fell into two categories: 1. people questioning why it mattered if he publicly came out and asking why we couldn't just let him live his life. You can be out to yourself, you can be out to your family, you can be out to your friends, you can be out at work, you can be out publicly and you can be out in some combination of all of the above.

people telling me that he was gay and out ("I did shots with him at a gay bar in We Ho last year! But when you're a public figure like Bennett, if you've never said the words "I'm gay" or, as many stars have done in recent years, have never publicly discussed or referenced a partner or date of the same sex, you're not out.

tour stop at the venue and joined Joey King, Peyton List, Yara Shahidi, Jonathan Bennett, Neriah Fisher, Olivia Stuck, Chloe Lukasiak and Aidan Alexander for the party.

“When @selenagomez sings her favorite worship song & 18,000 people sing “Hallelujah ” w/her.

Numerous publications have said as much and until this morning, even his Wikipedia page claimed he's gay. Any insider knowledge Hough may have aside, it isn't hard to understand why she might be under the assumption that he is and that he's out.Italia Ricci and her fiance Robbie Amell pose alongside Jonathan Bennett while attending GLSEN’s Pride Event at the Sunset Tower Bar on Wednesday night (June 8) in West Hollywood, Calif.The trio were also joined at the event by Charlie Carver, soccer star Robbie Rogers, producer Greg Berlanti and basketball player Jason Collins.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Italia Ricci The annual event helps support GLSEN’s efforts to make sure that every student is safe and affirmed, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. Please support their work to make schools a better place for LGBT students! "They've been dating for a while now and are very happy," a friend of the pair tells us.


  1. Today, every major cable and broadcast sports division has multiple female reporters and anchors on its roster.

  2. "Eros" fall in love with the physical attributes of another before any other characteristic.

  3. Spore is a 2008 life simulation, real-time strategy single-player god game developed by Maxis and designed by Will Wright, released for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

  4. Edward Peters, a canon lawyer and Detroit Sacred Heart Major Seminary professor in canon law, wrote Tuesday in his blog that the fast-track process “represents a very, very significant change in the law.”The pope also ended the practice of having an automatic second review of an annulment case by another diocese.

  5. One of the biggest challenges faced by single people dating online is trying to connect with like-minded people without having to spend time browsing endless profiles.

  6. Government instructional videos have a way of becoming fodder for countless parodies.

  7. When the North Koreans invaded South Korea in June 1950, using T-34s, the South Koreans had no armor of their own so had to retreat in the face of North Korean tanks.

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