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这篇文章只是因为我的怨念呀!本来以为丹尼斯电影节会发糖的,结果倒好,这两个人一个都没去呀,连打脸的机会都没给我,实在是怨念(滚,别忘了你赌的是不发糖,你怎么好意思厚脸皮还来嚎叫的!)因此为了弥补我的怨念,在此文中,Andrew和Jesse是一对(我堂而皇之的无视了Mia和石头姐!),假设西方的迷妹们也和我们一样在某个社交网络平台上有一个类似的赌注,被Jesse意外看到了,所以为了故意整迷妹,两个人商量都不去参加电影节,人物极度OOC,写到最后脑残的我都不知道写的是什么,请大家不要介意! The way to solving all problems in life, if you happen to be andrew garfield, is to get super drunk and kiss your co-star.

except that is a lie, because this way only lies madness, taking inappropriate advice and smelling bottles of shampoo.

Breakups, awkward first dates, familiar dates that are taking their conversation a little too far in public (which also ends up being awkward), celebrities he doesn't recognize half the time (Emma just shakes her head as they pass each other and then later shows him on her phone just whom he was serving, while Jesse pretends to care).

Tonight, it definitely seemed to be first date territory for table 22.

Andrew Garfield has loved his girlfriend Emma Stone for years.

She has always been by his side through both the good and bad times, the blockbuster successes and box-office flops; however, when his best friend Jesse Eisenberg comes back into town to shoot a movie, feelings Andrew had tried to suppress before threaten to return in full force.

Andrew wants to be Jesse's firsts but he can't because they're step-brothers. “Sorry,” he says, just as Andrew’s scooped Rocky up into his arms. One day Andrew won’t really be able to just lift him out of harm's way so easily.

Instead he decides that he can give Jesse his firsts, but Andrew forgets that he is a fuck-up and always screws it up in the end. The owner of the cat has scooped his animal as well, and is muttering to it seriously. In addition to mind-numbing conversations, Jesse gets to witness a whole slew of things at his job.

“What Disney film did you step out of,” Jesse mutters to himself.

” he says as he takes off his messenger bag, smiling sunnily at Jesse before ducking into his cubicle.

Emma Stone officially might be the luckiest girl in Hollywood at the moment.


  1. At the appointed time, Andrew stood at the door of the apartment Natasha.

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