Jay naylors original life updating No registration sex date

Buuuut, the description that a 7-year old girl imagines herself as a busty nurse in a really tight nurse habit IS really weird. I wouldn't look it as pedophilia, as I agree with Naylor in the point, that pedophiliacs are attracted to the undeveloped body of children before puberty.

Those people tend to loose interest in the child when it reaches puberty.

It is a complicated subject that has to be handled carefully.

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But I have to read through Original Life myself, before I make finally my mind up.

Well, it is a pretty odd act of white knighting to write the author of the blamed webcomic an e-mail, to let him know, that you don't agree with a review on badwebcomics. But writing the author a support message and letting him know, that you now don't like Badwebcomics?!

You found a review on Badwebcomics on a comic you like?! Haaaaah, is it me, but it seems a bit overly dramatic. I tend to think into the direction fanservice, too. As said, all I know about the subject of pedophilia is in fact, that pedophiliacs are attracted to the undeveloped body of a young child.

In the later half of the article, the criticism devolves completely into personal attacks and accusations of pedophilia (wat? I usually enjoy Bad Webcomics Wiki, but I must say that the article on your comic was entirely uncalled for. In case this surprises you, I am not a very political person, and I do not consider myself a furry.

I am just writing to let you know that not everyone will mindlessly hate any comic posted on that site, and that your comic has gained a new reader, regardless of controversy. I just enjoy the comic, even though the wiki article implies your only fans are pedophile animal rapists with a penchant for Ayn Rand. According to Naylor the fan mail that Naylor showed was written by a female according to his FA journal, its in the comments section and the complaints on the "Fan Mail" is focused on accusing us of launching a personal attack on Naylor and saying his fans are "pedophile animal rapists with a penchant for Ayn Rand".

As for the Facebook comment it's accusing us of not explaining clearly enough as to why Original Life is a Calvin and Hobbes ripoff. I do not agree with every review here on this side myself.

Which Gryphoneer will have to explain more clearly. And the pedophilia suspicion is to me something that has to be handeled carefully, because it is a really sensitive subject.

A fan of Jay Naylor's Original Life has written to Jay and I quote from this post: Hi, my name is (name withheld).

I was reading Bad Webcomics Wiki, which is generally entertaining in pointing out blatant flaws in comics, when I happened upon the review of your comic, Original Life.


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