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Situations like these still hurt and surprise me, even with 21 years of being black under my belt, and getting teased in school for the way I talk, and being told I wasn’t black enough to hang out with the black kids, and getting asked if my hair is a weave, and smiling politely when people around me use the “N” word casually, and hearing “oh, but you’re not really black” as a compliment.

(Once, I swear to God, I was told that I wasn’t really black because black people put a lot of cream cheese on their bagels and I don’t.

Sources close to Jasmine tell TMZ the actress is still attempting to serve the papers, so the hearing can be rescheduled.

Her lawyer, Lisa West, tells TMZ, "Both parents have the financial responsibility of rearing a child.

Jasmine has always met and will continue to meet her financial responsibility.

The above situations have deeply struck me, as a woman, as a person of color, as a person in an interracial relationship.

"A Different World" star Jasmine Guy says her ex-husband totally dropped the ball on paying his child support for the last two years to the tune of nearly $40,000, this according to court docs. In the docs, Guy says Duckett hasn't paid a dime since May 2010 and now owes her a whopping $39,663 in back support.

County Superior Court recently, claiming Terrence Mitchell Duckett -- who she divorced in 2008 -- was ordered by a judge to pay ,469/month in child support for the couple's daughter.Guy filed the docs because she wants a judge to hold her ex in contempt of court so that she can collect on the debt by garnishing his wages, going after his assets, or even having him thrown in jail.A hearing on the matter was scheduled for last month, but was cancelled because Jasmine was unable to serve her ex with the papers.If this is coming across as a “my boyfriend and I are definitely having babies!” sort of thing, then you must be my mother, and I am curious to know how you found out about the Internet. It was difficult enough to grow up and be rejected by anyone, let alone people who look like you telling you that you are nothing like them — but what if no one looks like you?We are definitely having burritos sometime in the near future, but that’s about it. I am in a constant struggle of identity: humans, particularly insecure, neurotic, coming-of-age ladies like myself, are in a constant search for identification, an anchor that we can hold onto that validates our existence and legitimizes any worries we have that we aren’t normal.


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