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Story overview: Jack and Holly are camping with their parents.

After sneaking out to take a look at the brilliant night sky Jack's probing questions turn to imaginative stories which takes the viewer on a journey through the solar system and beyond.

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Holly and the All Time Low guitarist met on Twitter through a mutual friend and began dating this past summer.

"We met through a mutual friend and then somehow somebody retweeted something funny he said on Twitter," she said while promoting the second season of Holly's World.

"So I started following him, and then we started Tweeting each other back and forth!

" How did things progress from the digital world to reality?

Jack and Holly take pre-schoolers and first stage learners on a cosmic adventures as they travel across time and space to unravel some of the oldest mysteries of the universe.

Divided into seven interlinked stories Jack, Holly and a bunch of crazy characters find themselves in all sorts of interglactic trouble.

Along the way they land on mysterious planets, discover giant sized disco-dancing alien frogs and discover what might just happen if you were to travel through a Black Hole.

In the end the moral of the story is no matter how wonderful the universe is (or might be) there really is no place like home.

"So then we started direct messaging each other and then exchanged numbers".

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