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If so, does this also need to be attached to the strap?There are two systems that I know of which are designed for AAC device users who wish to wear their devices.CHAT Bag – This allows a shoulder strap so you can wear the device over a shoulder or across the body.

Should the user be able to take the strap off the device by themselves, or should it always stay attached?

Is the device likely to be thrown, dropped, chewed on, or similar?

Does the user need to carry just the i Phone/i Pod or are they also carrying something else such as a speaker, stylus, etc?

Make sure you read all articles in this series: What are your needs?

These are some questions to help you clarify what you are looking for: What is the device you need the strap for?

You’ll need to know if it’s an i Phone or i Pod Touch and exactly what model you have as cases are often specific to a single model.Do you want a strap that just goes around a wrist, one to wear around the neck lanyard-style, a handbag-style shoulder strap, or something else?Recent evaluations of individuals with disabilities transitioning to employment situations have resulted in recommendations for an i Pod Touch […] What has been difficult is finding a sturdy, hands free case for protection and securing the device from loss.Carol has since posted that the Lanskin Lanyard Case is working for her client which is great.I have also been looking for a strap for my own i Phone 6+ case as well.I am happy with the protection of the Speck Candy Grip but I still drop it a lot and a strap would provided added security against expensive breakage, so I started looking at what was available …


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