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This timeline of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict lists events from 1948 to the present.

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Following a letter from the Agent of the new Provisional Government to President Truman that the state of Israel has been proclaimed as an independent republic within frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations, Members of the Arab League – Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Transjordan, the Holy War Army and the Arab Liberation Army, marched their forces into what had the previous day ceased to be the British Mandate for Palestine.

The League of Arab States sent a cablegram to the Secretary-General of the United Nations saying, On the occasion of the intervention of Arab States in Palestine to restore law and order and to prevent disturbances prevailing in Palestine from spreading into their territories and to check further bloodshed,.

Violent confrontation between the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) under the command of David Ben-Gurion, and the paramilitary Jewish group Irgun known as The Altalena Affair resulted in the dismantlement of the Irgun, Lehi, and all Israeli paramilitary organizations operating outside the IDF.

Infiltration by Palestinian fedayeen began from Egypt, resulting in many minor skirmishes, raids and counter-raids, causing hundreds of casualties on both sides, including many civilians.

One thousand three hundred Israelis were killed or wounded in paramilitary attacks.

Israel concluded the Armistice Agreements with neighbouring countries.

The territory of the Mandatory Palestine was divided between the State of Israel, the Transjordan and the All-Palestine Government in Gaza, under prefecture of Egypt.

During and after the war about 711,000 Palestinian Arabs became displaced and refugees.

800,000–1,000,000 Jews living in Muslim countries left or were expelled during or after the war.

Israel launched numerous reprisal raids in response. During the same period, excluding the Suez War, 258 Israeli soldiers were killed.

Between 2,700 and 5,000 Arab infiltrators were killed.


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