Is tom kaulitz still dating chantelle paige c validating a credit card number

If we look (and now also you) at the lightly blurred picture at the top of this site, we see two humans, who fondle behind a close carwindow tenderly, but we say of course nothing sticky, just something like “Hoppala”. This woman is Chantelle Paige (21), singer of the American band “Flypside” (current song: “When it was good”). As I have said before they are gonna date people and as we know Tom is famous for dating lots of girls, it’s just harder to accept when it’s plastered in the news with pictures! I could do anything to make their dreams come true,i could their dreams ,their lives,their wishes before mines and these of my close ppl. I just wanted them to be there for me when i need them-not i a literal way,but i want to know they are doing all of their work for me ,for us,and that will make up for everything else. All I saw was dinner, kissing, getting laid, gone….well, as a true fan of Tom’s, I think that’s just typical of him….

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I found myself pondering over this yesterday, and I've come to the conclusion that this might just be one of Tom's many one night stands. I dunno, but I know there's a picture, and here it is. Personally, I'm loving Tom's new style, but I don't think I like his "girlfriend". She's i the group ''flipsyde'' (; Perhaps you allready know that, but know i've told you twice!

maybe this is the start of Tom's 2009 love affair with Chantelle Paige. And it looks like the rumour about the piercing was true too, cos I've seen a few pics with him wearing one, and it doesn't look photoshopped. Tom says he doesn't "have time for a relationship." Yerh. And actually, ''Chantelle paige'' IS one of thoes types in music videos..

She looks really bitchy, like the kind you see in hip hop videos, yes? (; And yes, i love tom's new style too ; D Actually, i wasn't a fan of Tom that time she has Dreads.

Oh yeah I don`t care wat anyone says you r the only white bo8y that can rock braids!!!

man auflockert trifft und Sie sind mein alles, youre so schönes tomi.

Tomi, sollten Sie zu Australien, zu mir und zu meiner bestfriend Xander Liebe wirklich soviel kommen Sie, würde sie die die meisten, wenn wir Sie trafen, wir würde tun ALLES bedeuten und ziemlich litterally andthing, damit die Wahrscheinlichkeit Sie und Rechnung, wir sind Ihre Nr.

Scroll down and check out her slim body, short and/or medium blonde hairstyles & haircuts.

(: The only reason the paparazzi took pictures of these two is because they're both famous.

but i been a fan of him same time as i only thougt that he has dreads. what i didn't knew was, that he actually was getting a new hairstyle.


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