Is pamela anderson dating michael jackson

Produced by Chuck Barris, "The Dating Game" featured three young men who vied for a date with a young woman who was hidden from their view.

She asked questions especially prepared to reveal their romantic nature of each man and later chose the one with whom she would like to go out on a date.

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we never said dating two ladies, we said he had two friends that he knew. - Ok, I see many of you have different feelings on what we should or shouldnt write about in the book.

Please understand, his children want this, they want the world to know and see the side of their father the press and media never took the time to acknowledge.

Its not about his Love life, its about his being happy and real.

you can hear the kissing.” link to their facebook Q: I trust you Bill, but I don’t understand why you don’t want to answer some of the question here because you’ll be talking about them in the book, however you don’t mind answering other questions you also will be talking about in the book.

To be clearer; why don’t you want to answer here any question about his girlfriends? I get questions every 2-3 minutes every day, I can’t answer everyone or every question.

- Its not that we dont wanna answer questions about his female friends, its NOT about them, its about MJ. Q: Random question…….have to answer if you dont want are you gonna talk about romantic interests?just curious who he was cheating on me with lol jk MJs Bodyguards – He was not cheating on…Three bodyguards who worked for Michael through the years 2007-2009 have opened up about working for him, revealing that he had been dating at least two women in the years that they worked for him. Bill: Being a father myself and being a man, men know men, he had the desires of women like we do. Interviewer: It sounds like you’re chaperoning two teenagers on a date. Narrator: They didn’t ask for anything for this interview.These women were nicknamed “Friend” and “Flower” in order to protect their privacy. Narration: In fact, they say he had at least two girlfriends, dispelling that other rumor. Link MICHAEL JACKSON’s former bodyguards have spoken out about their late boss, revealing the King of Pop romanced a string of women with dates in the back of his limousine. And the trio divulged personal details of the late singer’s life behind closed doors, insisting Jackson had at least two steady girlfriends whose identities have remained a secret – and he took them on dates driving up and down the Las Vegas strip when he lived in Sin City.Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield, Javon Beard, Bodyguards from 2007-2009, Good Morning America interview, 9th March, 2010 Interviewer: Was he a pedophile? Bill: We had a curtain that covered the backseat, you couldn’t see in the backseat, they talked back there… The Thriller hitmaker’s longterm security guards, Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield and Javon ‘BJ’ Beard, agreed to be interviewed on U. When asked about the child molestation charges which were levied at Jackson despite his acquittal at a 2005 trial, all three insisted the star was not guilty of the accusations. men know men, and we (were) around him long enough to know he was a man.” While Garcia adds, “(He had) desires of women like we do.He had lovers.” And Whitfield goes on to describe Jackson’s various romantic encounters in the back of his limousine: “In the cars that we had, we had a curtain that covered the back seat. They talked back there, they didn’t do nothing out of bounds…

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