Is option backdating illegal

Even more disturbing is the fact that manylawsuits by plaintiff's attorneys frequently have the ability to be rolled into a class action, and may prove very costly to the defending dealer.

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As a result, the government has increased it's regulation of retail transactions in order to help protect consumers and law firms have found a tremendous opportunity to rake in massive judgments against towards employee accountability.

After all, if employees don’t know or understand the rules, how can they be expected to follow them?

Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law and it certainly won’t mitigate potential damages.

Automobile dealerships are a prime target for these type of firms due to very complicated consumer-based laws.

Most legal action against dealers these days is the result of mistakes or omissions in the sales and finance process, the way vehicles are advertised, or the statements made by dealership staff.

Of course, that's not even taking into account harassment and discrimination claims.

Claims and lawsuits alleging harassment or discrimination are increasing at an alarming rate. Penalties can come in the form of fines (the FTC can seek fines of ,000 a day for every violation), lawsuits, and in some instances, even imprisonment.

Automobile and recreational vehicle dealers are more and more frequently the targets of lawsuits, enforcement actions, contract repurchases and, of course, the associated negative publicity.

Attorneys general in many states identify accusations against dealerships as being their #1 concern, and recognize the political capital in going after dealers.


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