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Lambo also refers to Gloria James as his “wifey” in several photos.Complex Sports even called our attention to one photo of Le Bron on Lambo’s Instagram account that is captioned as follows: “#I Neva had a role model until I met @kingjames @Thanks Big [email protected] is about being positive.” We’re glad to see everyone is getting along so handsomely.

NBC Miami reports a trial date has been set for the mother of Heat star Le Bron James, who faces battery and disorderly intoxication charges related to an alleged argument with a valet at a South Beach hotel.

Gloria James will head to trial on August 8 for the alleged altercation outside the Fontainebleau hotel on April 7, the Miami State Attorney’s Office said Monday The 43-year-old is accused of slapping around valet Rockfeller Sorel after she allegedly became upset over the time it took to retrieve her car. Sorel I cannot imagine him pressing charges because he felt threaten to the point his life was ever endangered.

Once he realized who she was, I think no one blames him for trying to make a quick dollar via the legal system.

Le Bron James’ mother, Gloria James, appears to have a relatively new boyfriend.

If you were curious as to the state of Gloria James' dating life, today is your lucky day.

The Internet is slowly deteriorating into a virtual office corner where we all gossip about the latest scuttlebutt surrounding the love life of Le Bron James' mom.

Larry Brown Sports and a number of other outlets are reporting 31-year-old rapper 's feed, it's not exactly like he or Gloria James were trying to keep their romance a secret.

His name is Lambo, and he currently has a single rap video on You Tube that is, well, not good.

Baller Alert, who first alerted us to the story, pointed out that Lambo is 31 years old.

That would make him three years older than Le Bron, which has to make things a little bit weird.

Then again, Le Bron and Lambo seem to get along just fine if Lambo’s Instagram pictures are any indication.

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