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For your birthday gift, pay it forward and I will too! I am watching this episode right now, and the call-in from Orlando was great! Happy Birthday may ur day full of love, peace and happiness. Love u I know I’m late in wishing you a happy birthday but I hope you had a good one and have many many more to come. Thank you for sharing yourself to all of us – even the special tears for your dear friends. I’ve listened to your radio show (from the beginning, followed your stand-up career (since Def Comedy Jam) and now this. I pre-ordered both of your books and I’m waiting on the next one. I just love it when people don’t forget where they came from and remember those who helped them along the way. that’s that like you said about the music in the kings of comedy as being that feel good music. It brought tears to my eyes, I too am fighting and struggling right now. God Bless and take care and thank you for making me smile. The fact that you never forgot is what’s it’s all about. His is not concern with race, gender, age, nationality, or even beliefs. Steve Harvey, remembering what they did for you is amazing! I so love your show and the advice you give is right on. I pray that God will continue to shine HIS light upon you for many birthdays to come. Steve certainly has paid forward his blessings and more. I pray that God continues to bless you and your family in abundance.. Happy Birthday Steve…you’re are Blessed to have had such wonderful people in your life. And your family is truly blessed to have you in their life. that was the most touching things I’ve seen in a long while..great to know that there are still wonderful people out there who will help others because they can and out of the kindness of their hearts.

So again I say happy bday and stay blessed one of your biggest fans.

God knew what his promise for your life was and he sent that couple to you so that you could become who and what you are today.

Tiyee Barnes Happy Birthday Steve, of course you already know, you are truly a blessed man of God!!!

Several years ago I was taking care of my mom and sister and I had low paycheck’s for calling in.

THOUGHTFUL, MAN AND YOUR SHOWS I WATCH EVERYDAY…ON TELEVISION I WATCH FAMILY FUED (YOUR ARE THE BEST ) AND ALSO THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW ON AT …I LOVE ALL YOU DO AND THE GREAT THINGS YOU DO FOR PEOPLE…HOPE ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE.. You can teach people a lot about how to treat others. Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you to keep on pressing toward the mark. God doesn’t ask for perfection, he ask for williness. You are one of the most confident, courageous and real people I have ever seen. I’m so proud of all the things you have accomplished and I pray many more years to come and blessings your way.

You are such an awesome person that has inspired so many. God bless you and keep you moving forward for all to see. I just wish I could’ve taped the program for ENCOURAGEMENT SO THAT WHEN I GET DOWN I CAN REMEMBER those who helped me and Vice Versus.. No day passed by, without listening to 96.3 fm or Family feud. May the Lord continue to bless your work in Jesus name. May our God bless you today and each day that follows May you hear his voice Follow His footsteps Be comforted by His care And live in His grace Now and forever Amen Happy Birthday Steve! Thank you for your honesty and sincere ways of looking at life. I pray that the good Lord will continue to bless with many more years. Ministry is not always done in the pulpit, you can minister anywhere Your pulpit is the airways. Our Nation and our communities wouldn’t be the same without you! I love the genuineness you show when you are happy, sad, or surprised. I also love that you you express concern from your heart because of people who made a difference for you.

Being a SCHOOL teacher you NEVER know who’s thinking of you or who APPRECIATED what you’ve done & Vice Versus… I love that you have helped so many people that way and keep up the good work. Love Ya Just like the thousands of other admirers of you, I would like to wish you a very “Happy Birthday”. One day, I was just searching the TV channels for something new to watch at p.m., Central Time, and your show stood out and I have watch it 98% of the time since, even reruns. I would watch it every day, but believe me, I do have some life away from TV. A good steward representing and projecting a better image of what a true man( sorry to say black man) should be. May the Birthday candles that represent the years of your life be a reflection to others for your love for Christ. Keep pressing toward the mark, God Bless & Happy Birthday again. This morning on the radio you said God has not called you but think about this.

I graduated from high school and could not participate in any of the activities. My aunt paid for my pictures, cap and gown, and my high school ring. Some church folks that visited my mom for home services monthly asked what I needed. I started to cry and gave them my bills which were over 0. On Thursday your show was interrupted for a news break and we , issed seeing your family on your birthday and what they diid to surprise you.

Happy Birthdat Steve, We love your show here in California.

You leave a positive influence on people especially me. Now on a different subject, when you took over Family Feud it became more fun to watch. God is good all the time and all the time God is good…you are a living testimony to that! The best part was how you didn’t deny but acknowldege where you came from and was unashamed to express your love for the couple that helped you out in the beginning! GOD BLESS YOU STEVE FOR WHO WANT SOMEONE THAT CAN’T CRY THAT MEANS YOU HAVE GOD AND FEELING SOMEONE. God has his hands upon you and we are praying for you.

I’m so happy you had a great surprise for your birthday. I hope to see that nice couple on a future show and hear more about how they helped Steve years ago… I record ur show because I look forward to see ur outfit. I watched your show that aired your birthday and your birthday wishes for your audience members. A man who is able to share his emotions is truly a blessed man. Love you man and I hope you have many, many more birthdays. but, It’s stuff like this and a strong background in the form of a great mother that gives me hope for a brighter day.. WHEN GOD PUT PEOPLES AND YOUR LEFT TO HELP YOU WE WILL NEVER FORGET WHON THEY ARE GOD BLESS YOU ON YOUR BIRTHDAY I HAD TEAR FOR YOU AND ALSO REMEMBER THE PEOPLES WHO GOD PUT AND MY LEFT WHEN I COULD NOT EVER FEED MY 3 SON BUT GOD GIVE ME THE PEOPLES THAT I NEED WHEN THE BILLS WAS DUE AND THERE WAS NO MONEY TO PAY THEM BUT GOD KEEP ME WITH THIS FAMILY AS OF NOW SO I KNOW THE TEARS THAT YOU WAS CRYING ALL SO WILL. Happy Birthday Steve, I am late getting this to you, be ministering to others and got behind and it got late I was determine I would still say Happy Birthday too you anyway. Some days are difficult for me because of pain, I have laughed and cried with you and it helps me get through the pain and the day.

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