Is ashley benson dating caleb from pll

Instead, she will still be coping with the death of her father, an event that led her to drop out of college.And spoilers indicate that she will be hiding some major secrets in Episode 11, "Of Late I Think Of Rosewood." You can watch the Season 6 winter premiere live at 8 p.m. But if you cannot get to a television, you can also stream "Of Late I Think Of Rosewood" online for free here, provided you have certain participating television providers.

She apparently split from Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), who's working as a risk analyst, because she was too focused on her budding fashion career. That was like the saddest part that I ever read — that I was away from Caleb." Season 6 winter premiere.

He will apparently be rich thanks to the explosion at his house five years earlier, but Spencer will be too busy with her job on Capitol Hill to focus on a man.

Emily (Shay Mitchell) also may not have a love interest in the second half of Season 6.

The Season 6 spoilers indicate that Liam will actually work with Aria, who has a career in publishing. Yet things won't go that well for the former teacher in Episode 11 of winter premiere.

But he will also work with her ex Ezra (Ian Harding) on the publication of his second book. "Ian Harding is amazing this season and did such good job of finding this darker side of Ezra," King said before "Of Late I Think Of Rosewood." "He meets somebody to lean on and she’s willing to be there for him." So what will the rest of the Pretty Little Liars be up to in the Season 6 winter premiere?

Ali (Sasha Pieterse) will be a teacher married to a doctor named Elliot Rollins (Huw Collins).And a scene from the "5 Years Forward" special confirmed that he is the same doctor who is treating Charlotte/Ce Ce (Vanessa Ray) at a psychiatric hospital.Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Ali will reunite in the Season 6 winter premiere of 'PLL.' And the teaser trailer confirms that the Pretty Little Liars will have to deal with another threat in Episode 11.So what questions will be answered in "Of Late I Think Of Rosewood"?Episode 11, "Of Late I Think Of Rosewood." "Of Late I Think Of Rosewood" will pick up five years after the events of the 6A finale.The Pretty Little Liars will return to their hometown, and plenty of things have changed.


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