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Services after you file For services on a case after you file, we recommend you use our website or call customer service.

To minimize your wait time, we recommend you make an appointment before you go.

You'll find more information about appointments below and in our individual office profiles.

Filing services Most applications must be e-filed or filed by mail.

Follow the instructions on the application or petition form.

Field Offices handle scheduled interviews on non-asylum related applications.

Field Offices also provide limited information and customer services that supplement those we provide through our website and by phone.We recommend you consider the convenient service options we offer by web and by phone before you take the time to go to a Field Office for service.If you do need to go to one of our Field Offices, to serve you better most of the offices provide in-person services by appointment.It is important that you make every effort to make that appointment. It may mean certain processing steps will have to be repeated.It may also affect eligibility for benefits, and could mean we will have to deny the application or petition.If an emergency prevents you from making your appointment, follow the instructions on the appointment notice.

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