Intimidating pick up lines

On one hand you want to go up and get that number, and on the other you can’t seem to keep your knees from shaking and you’re sweating so bad your antiperspirant even said peace out. Sure they may be corny, but betting your dignity on funny pick up lines can sometimes pay off. ” once or twice in her day I did have a nice chuckle, and laughter is the key to the heart after all!One common way to get one step closer to getting that coveted 10-digit combination of numbers from Mr. So use all the cheesy pick up lines you can think of!

This line only gets girls if you are a third grader.

I’m pretty sure this pick up line has never been successful ever.

This is sort of a back handed compliment, if you could call it a compliment at all.

Okay, this one might work if the guy comes up with an actual frozen margarita. Only bring this sad pick up line out if you are also providing pizza.

The last time a guy said this to a girl at a bar, she threw a shot of Old Crow “bourbon” in his face. If you’re at an 80s retro bar or Six Flags, this line might get you somewhere.

This would be good on a Valentine’s Day card, but not at the club. This pick up line is funny, and depending on the circumstances, very creepy.So, firstly, it needs to be said that men aren’t so complex that you need an artfully crafted line taken from a book of puns to talk to him or show him interest.Also, you want him to talk to you, not scare him away.So, the real “good pick up lines for girls”, or for any young lovely millennial woman approaching a dashing young millennial male, are actual decent ice breakers that start a conversation.We want something that shows interest without using sexual harassment as a punch line. If a woman is “cute and confident” she can say “practically anything” and get him interested.But, we’ll still include a few witty lines for the woman that’s feeling a little forward.


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