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People having good interpersonal skills control the feelings that emerge in difficult situations and respond appropriately, instead of being overwhelmed by emotion.

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Not only this he must present the information in several ways so that the professionals can understand it.

In addition to this, he must use multiple communication techniques.

It has been observed that the environmental factors greatly influence the communication.

Interpersonal skills are those which are applied during social communication and interaction to get the specified results.

Communication and interpersonal skills are normally used in business contexts.

These terms are used to measure the person's ability to operate within business organizations through social communication and interactions.

Therfore, it can be said that interpersonal skills show that how people relate to one another.

Good communication and positive interpersonal skills have a great importance at a business level.

It has been observed that communicating respect for the other people and professionals play an efficient role to reduce conflict and increase participation in completing tasks (Hargie, 1994).

On the other hand, positive interpersonal skills increases the productivity in the organization.

It happens because the graceful and respectful communication reduces the conflicts.

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