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You have to check out the crazy scenes from the press conference with Conor Mc Gregor and Nate Diaz before their UFC 202 fight -- because it even involved one throwing bottles at the other from the stage.

Today, the beautiful huge buildings are demolished one by one, leaving behind large empty spaces. Hey everyone, I intern at NIPSCO and one of the things I have to do is find service records for the buildings being torn down by the city of Gary and processing orders to make sure services are off and dug up.

It's sad to see so many interesting buildings getting demolished. That area is a parking lot now so I'm sure it's gone.

One of the things I found going through old records is an area marked in the alley between Broadway and Massachusetts in the 600 block that says "Goldblatt's underground tunnel." Naturally.

American beach volleyball duo Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross came from a set down to edge out Brazil 2-1 and clinch the bronze medal at the Rio Games on Wednesday night in front of a hostile crowd.

to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the city of Gary, Indiana.

The city was artificially founded by the United States Steel Corporation in 1906, on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Just to to meet the region's needs for the flourishing steel industry. The White flee from Gary (white flight), unemployment and insecurity set up. He was loving Urban Exploring in general, but Gary was for him more than just another exploration.

The city gets more and more empty, encounters major economic problems, and reaches the highest rate of crime of USA. Since then, Seth passed away way too early, at the age of 24. Wherever you are Seth, we are all sure you keep EXPLORING.

But given the popularity of both professional and amateur sports in our country, should the Christian fan also be encouraged to pray for his favorite team?

And, even more to the point, can a fan’s prayers actually influence the outcome?

To answer this question, one must start by asking whether fans have any impact on the game itself.


  1. After wrestling for over a decade and becoming one of the top independant stars in the world, El Generico signed a developmental deal with WWE, and debuted for NXT under the name Sami Zayn.

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