Idris elba dating white women

And taking my own experience, I've dated both American woman and British woman and (white) British woman are much more open in terms of dating other race, it's not a big deal, they see them as having different skin tone colour but that's it which is wonderful really.My current partner is British and she loves black men and she always finds them sexy (esp Idris Elba) but now she is dating me who is Asian, she sees guys really equally and after I've met her friends, I found that 90% of her friends have the same viewpoint, and 1/4 of her (white) friends date outside their race.

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But then again if you're taking about statistics and numbers, the USA may have higher number of white women - black men couple compared to the UK, because USA has over 3 times more population than the UK.

A successful asset manager, who has just received a huge promotion, is blissfully happy in his career and in his marriage.

But when a temp worker starts stalking him, all the things he's worked so hard for are placed in jeopardy.

I don't know if it's 'easier' per se but IMHO yes it is more prevalent to see white woman with black men in the UK.

Both UK and USA are diverse in population therefore both countries are exposed to multiculturalism.

But the difference is maybe here in the UK, they don't have bad history of slavery.This maybe allowing the whites to integrate with the blacks a little bit better without any stigma or whatsoever, and definitely creates less segregation but I might be wrong.I don't see a lot of people using the term black british.This results British people don't focus on the difference, if you're British you're British no matter what your religion or colour skin is.But then again lately, the media has done a 'great' job to create segregation of religion and race in the UKThe other thing is Americans love to ask 'where are you from' in the first interaction upon meeting someone new who is a foreign or has different accent, and in Britain people don't ask that very often (not in first meeting at least). Currently I am in the UK and yes black men and white woman are definitely ubiquitous.I've never been to the US but I am assuming in some parts of USA like California and New York, you see interracial couples more.

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