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Life can get really complicated, balancing worky stuff, life stuff, parenting/kid stuff, spouse stuff, and most of the time I keep that under control, but suddenly we’ve added some “how are we going to care for an aging family member” stuff. Then I get a message like this post and it reminds me how lucky I am, how grateful I am to do what I do. My first “garment” was a pillow case “dress”, cut to add neck and arm openings then embellished with tucks and gathers to make it fitted. I learned to sew when I was four old from a Grandmother exasperated with my attempts to fashion doll clothes with scraps from the rag drawer and scotch tape.I sewed all through high school, college and my 20’s though recently knitting has taken over.

Available in the Savory Knitting Shop on Ravelry Finished Measurements 32 ¾ (39, 45 ½, 52, 58 ¼)” to fit a suggested 30 (36, 42, 48, 56)” bust.

This cardigan is intended to be worn with positive ease, the sample measures 39” and is shown worn by a 35” bust.

The Pine Cone Lace stitch is stretchy and can be blocked accommodate a range of sizes, please refer to the schematic when choosing a size.

Flex Spray offers the most complete & reliable line of airless spray stock lubrication systems.

Precise metered lubrication provides the ability to achieve a variety of crisp spray patterns.

Flex Spray's unique modular design allows for easy expansion.

And, our exclusive individual stainless steel control pumps have burnished finish interior ports resulting in the longest pump life in the industry.

4 Panel Alabama Swing Skirt, Book 1: Rose Stencil Reverse Applique, organic cotton jersey in brown and black.

I don’t consider this one really finished, when I look at it I feel like it needs ‘something’ and so I’m thinking I will add some embroidery around the hem, sort of like this.


  1. I’m always thankful for what I have in my life and never lose sight of how fortunate and blessed I truly am..

  2. 11 November 2013, they tied the knot at Frederiksberg Town Hall in the Danish capital.

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