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Within 48 hours, Stauffer Communications had written all area media outlets and issued veiled warnings about using the information contained in "Addicted to Hate".

A and attached hereto, and permit the Plaintiff the right without restriction, and subject to any fair accounting to Defendant, to publish the manuscript.

Fred is eager to prove his Bible scholarship, and perhaps frustrated, even contemptuous, when he realizes he is talking to a Bible-ho-hum humanist.

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(Signature of Jon Bell) Jon Bell, pro s 82 (Home address intentionally omitted) Lawrence, KS 66044 (Document contains the seal of the District Court of Shawnee County, Kansas and the signature of Leslie Miller, Deputy Clerk of the District Court of Shawnee County, Kansas and dated 6-29-94.) EXHIBIT B (Letterhead of the law firm of Goodell, Stratton, Edmonds &apm; Palmer) 515 South Kansas Avenue Topeka, Kansas 66603-3999 913-233-0593 Telecopier: 913-233-8870) June 2, 1994 Mr.

Downstairs, the pastor leads to the garage where their wardrobe of picket signs is kept.

On July 8 the Capital-Journal, which had deep-sixed the Phelps project and fired the publisher who authorized it when it was completed last fall, suddenly began its watered-down, copyrighted series on Phelps that they had earlier claimed they wouldn't print.

By this time, however, TV networks, wire services, and eastern newspapers had obtained copies of the manuscript, and Stauffer's unprecedented attempt to suppress media discussion of the document attracted the interest of several major East Coast newspapers on First Amendment grounds.

Chris Davis: husband to Rebekah; 38 years old; raised from childhood in the WBC.

Elizabeth Phelps: lawyer at Phelps Chartered; night house manager staff at Sheltered Living, Inc.

Former counsel for the Shawnee County Sheriff's Department.

4330 Commissioner Don Cooper Chairman, Board of Commissioners 200 S.

7th Street Topeka, Kansas 66603 (913) 233-8200 Ext.

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