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has responded to have been related to robbery or “taking something of value by force or threat during a face-to-face meeting or much less frequently related to sexual assault.”Strub told imstilljosh that what someone did or did not disclose on their profile has been an element in many cases.

It became the first site to offer an optional field (positive, negative, ask me) and later expanded it to include ‘Don’t Know’ and “Opt Out.’”In a statement, Novak stressed that Online Buddies makes changes to its sites only after conducting research with its users to determine whether a change is appropriate. has been subject to both praise (primarily from public health departments and a large proportion of men living with HIV – those who have no issues disclosing to users of various social/sexual networks) and criticism (primarily from HIV advocates who believe integrating a single HIV status field contributes to HIV stigma and fosters HIV exceptionalism),”In a 2009 poll of its users, Online Buddies’ Sexual Health Disclosure Survey showed that 84 percent of respondents expressed “strong interest in being able to search for members based on sexual health status or serosorting (presence or absence of HIV and other STIs).”Sean Strub, founder of Poz magazine and now executive director of the Sero Project, said he has heard of at least two sites being brought into HIV criminalization cases.

Imstilljosh asked Manhunt, Adam4Adam and Grindr whether they ever had received subpoenas in such cases.

In a statement, Novak said most subpoenas Online Buddies, Inc.

Gay sex needs to be studied in a modern context, the OLB Research Institute believes. He has collaborated with the European MSM Internet Survey, European Commission Everywhere Project, Elton John AIDS Foundation Internet Partner Notification, Center for HIV Law & Policy’s Positive Justice Project and Yale University Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS (CIRA).

While arguing the pitfalls of not having face-to-face conversations about HIV may get a lot of clicks, many men will tell you they do not have the conversation anyway.

Given all the buzz surrounding whether guys should disclose their HIV status online, it’s obvious we’re finally talking. is considering whether to include a disclosure field on mobile apps as a potential area of research.

Agencies wanting to partner with them should fill out a research application, Novak said.

(Publisher note: hires health journalist, David Heitz, for fact-based original reporting articles. David Novak works as managing director of the Cambridge, Mass.-based The institute works with university scholars to explore issues pertaining to sexual health.

David Heitz’s articles regularly appear on health information website –, among other noted publications.)Manhunt, the world’s largest gay meeting platform, employs a former public health official from the U. For years, gay men have endured a stigma as a species that cruises bars and bathhouses hungry for sexual adventure.


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