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package com.mkyong.stock.model; import javax.persistence. Session Factory; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation. Import all the Spring’s beans configuration files into a single file (Bean Locations.xml), put it into the “resources/config” folder. Personally, i do not use annotation feature much, because somehow you may need some workaround for certain situation, like ‘Custom Hibernate Dao Support’ extends ‘Hibernate Dao Support’ above. package com.mkyong.stock.bo; import com.mkyong.stock.model. Stock; public interface Stock Bo { void save(Stock stock); void update(Stock stock); void delete(Stock stock); Stock find By Stock Code(String stock Code); } package com.mkyong.impl; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation. package com.mkyong.stock.dao; import com.mkyong.stock.model. Stock; public interface Stock Dao { void save(Stock stock); void update(Stock stock); void delete(Stock stock); Stock find By Stock Code(String stock Code); } package com.mkyong.util; import org.hibernate. Hibernate Dao Support; public abstract class Custom Hibernate Dao Support extends Hibernate Dao Support { @Autowired public void any Method Name(Session Factory session Factory) { set Session Factory(session Factory); } } package com.mkyong.impl; import In annotation you have to use the Annotation Session Factory Bean, instead of Local Session Factory Bean, and specify your annotated model classes in ‘annotated Classes‘ property instead of ‘mapping Resources‘ property. STOCK_NAME as STOCK3_0_ from mkyong.stock stock0_ where stock0_. Stock [stock Code=7668, stock Id=11, stock Name=HAIO] Hibernate: update mkyong.stock set STOCK_CODE=? Should you know how to annotate the database configuration details, please let me know.

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In last tutorial, you use Maven to create a simple Java project structure, and demonstrate how to use Hibernate in Spring framework to do the data manipulation works(insert, select, update and delete) in My SQL database. Bean Import the Spring database configuration and enable the Spring’s auto scan feature. The mature developed XML file in Spring and Hibernate. Founder of and Hosting Compass.com, love Java and open source stuff.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do the same thing in Spring and Hibernate annotation way.– Installed and configured Maven, My SQL, Eclipse IDE. Define value for group Id: : com.mkyong.common Define value for artifact Id: : Hibernate Example Define value for version: 1.0-SNAPSHOT: : Define value for package: com.mkyong.common: : com.mkyong.common [INFO] Old Archetype created in dir: E:\workspace\Hibernate Example [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] BUILD SUCCESSFUL [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Model, Business Object (BO) and Data Access Object (DAO) pattern is useful to identify the layer clearly to avoid mess up the project structure. package com.mkyong.common; import org.springframework.context. Application Context; import org.springframework.context.support. Class Path Xml Application Context; import com.mkyong. Stock; public class App { public static void main( String[] args ) { Application Context app Context = new Class Path Xml Application Context("spring/config/Bean Locations.xml"); Stock Bo stock Bo = (Stock Bo)app Bean("stock Bo"); /** insert **/ Stock stock = new Stock(); Stock Code("7668"); Stock Name("HAIO"); stock Bo.save(stock); /** select **/ Stock stock2 = stock By Stock Code("7668"); println(stock2); /** update **/ stock2Stock Name("HAIO-1"); stock Bo.update(stock2); /** delete **/ stock Bo.delete(stock2); println("Done"); } } Hibernate: insert into mkyong.stock (STOCK_CODE, STOCK_NAME) values (? Follow him on Twitter, or befriend him on Facebook or Google Plus.

CREATE TABLE `mkyong`.`stock` ( `STOCK_ID` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `STOCK_CODE` varchar(10) NOT NULL, `STOCK_NAME` varchar(20) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`STOCK_ID`) USING BTREE, UNIQUE KEY `UNI_STOCK_NAME` (`STOCK_NAME`), UNIQUE KEY `UNI_STOCK_ID` (`STOCK_CODE`) USING BTREE ) ENGINE=Inno DB AUTO_INCREMENT=11 DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; mvn archetype:generate [INFO] Scanning for projects... A Stock model annotation class to store the stock data. If you like my tutorials, consider make a donation to these charities.

Apr 21st, 2008, AM #1 forlo Rn_ View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Apr 2008 Posts 15 Data Integrity Violation Exception on Hibernate Template.save() Hi, I'm getting this exception when ...

Hibernate Template's set Fetch Size() and set Max Results() Hi I'm using Spring 2.5.3, Hibernate and My SQL, and encounter out of memory exception when trying to load 100,000 objects (or records) using Hibernate All(). Spring already has api to standardize hibernate implementation.

Isn't redundant to use Spring JPA for hibernate implementation?

Unique Constraint; @Entity @Table(name = "stock", catalog = "mkyong", unique Constraints = { @Unique Constraint(column Names = "STOCK_NAME"), @Unique Constraint(column Names = "STOCK_CODE") }) public class Stock implements In last tutorial, you DAO classes are directly extends the “Hibernate Dao Support“, but it’s not possible to do it in annotation mode, because you have no way to auto wire the session Factory bean from your DAO class. ",stock Code ); return (Stock)list.get(0); } } Create a properties file (database.properties) for the database details, put it into the “resources/properties” folder.

Stock; @Service("stock Bo") public class Stock Bo Impl implements Stock Bo{ @Autowired Stock Dao stock Dao; public void set Stock Dao(Stock Dao stock Dao) { this.stock Dao = stock Dao; } public void save(Stock stock){ stock Dao.save(stock); } public void update(Stock stock){ stock Dao.update(stock); } public void delete(Stock stock){ stock Dao.delete(stock); } public Stock find By Stock Code(String stock Code){ return stock By Stock Code(stock Code); } } A Stock DAO interface and implementation. Custom Hibernate Dao Support; @Repository("stock Dao") public class Stock Dao Impl extends Custom Hibernate Dao Support implements Stock Dao{ public void save(Stock stock){ get Hibernate Template().save(stock); } public void update(Stock stock){ get Hibernate Template().update(stock); } public void delete(Stock stock){ get Hibernate Template().delete(stock); } public Stock find By Stock Code(String stock Code){ List list = get Hibernate Template().find( "from Stock where stock Code=?

NOTE: As of Hibernate 3.0.1, transactional Hibernate access code can also be coded in plain Hibernate style.

Hence, for newly started projects, consider adopting the standard Hibernate3 style of coding data ...


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