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Zeng's mother, who gave only her surname, Niu, rated her daughter's chances of finding love in the city as low, and bemoaned her unwillingness to return to the family's home town.

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[Ibid] Many of China's flourishing dating websites and other matchmaking businesses target the ultra wealthy, said Wu Di, a psychology consultant and television personality who discusses dating and marriage.

The China Entrepreneur Club for Singles requires men to verify their net worth and pay a 200,000 yuan ($31,000) fee.

Half are divorced and half of those have children -- factors that might give some women pause. They should be 20 to 28 years old, 165 centimetres (five feet four inches) or taller, beautiful and gentle with at least a junior college education.

In 2004, a yuan billionaire who made a fortune in auto parts and was distraught over a divorce with his wife took out an advertisement in a newspaper seeking a virgin bride. He interviewed 20 of them and selected one as his wife.

The success of the endeavor prompted other super-rich but lonely men to seek virgin brides, spawning a mini- industry run by a Shanghai lawyer who chose a bride for himself from among the applicants.

When one applicant was asked by the New York Times how she felt about the virginity requirement, she replied, “Isn’t the purpose of saving our virginity: to get a good price?

” Carol Huang of wrote: Young Chinese women in swishy dresses and strappy sandals sit in a row clutching forms that list their weight and measurements as they wait for an interview with the "appearance consultant".

Dressed as if for a beauty contest, they are among more than 1,000 bidding to make it to the next stage of this bizarre competition -- the chance to join an exclusive group of 50 vying for marriage to a multimillionaire.

[Source: AFP, Carol Huang, August 24, 2012] The testing process screens everything from looks and education to family background and astrological compatibility.


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