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And the mum-of-four has now launched a campaign to get her beloved ginger short-haired puss into the record books. Miss Brown, of West Earlham, Norwich, said she got Henry from a rescue centre in Cambridge way back in March 1986 - making him an astonishing three decades old.

Sally said: "I'm sure that Henry's the oldest cat in the world.

Handsome Henry is thought to be the oldest cat in the world at a staggering 30 years old.

The Guinness Book of Records says that the crown's held by a cat aged 26 called Corduroy.

Born on August 1, 1989, the pet lives with his owner, Ashley Reed Okura in Sisters, Oregon.

But Sally Brown, 48, is convinced that her boy Henry beats his American rival by an emphatic four years.

Another of her brood, Montague, is 18, and starred in a television commercial for Iams cat food in the 1990s.

Sally said the staple of her pets' diet is a Swedish cat food called Husse - and they're also treated to tasty protein-packed chicken and fish several times a week."I think they live so long thanks to a mixture of their good diet, lots of affection, and my experience," she said."I used to work with large animals like horses and cows and Henry would come along with me and sit in the car."He's always been a lap cat." Sally now helps to run specialist cat Facebook groups such as Lost and Found Cats in Norwich and Cash For Kitties In Norwich."I'm not going for this record because I want any personal glory," she stressed."I just want to raise awareness for the groups I work with and encourage people to be responsible cat owners." Many of her much-loved pets have lived to a ripe old age - she also has cats aged 19 and 24.

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