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Most men end up slowly recovering to a point where they are functional again, but have simply learned to live with regret and develop a certain bitter resentment that bubbles below the surface.You know what – If so, I want to help you achieve these things, and I want to help by giving you access to the information that will guide you on this journey because from years of suffering, experience and self searching, combined with months of research into the psychological reasons why we suffer so much as – and a few years ago I might have agreed with you too! Before I released this book on this site I offered it for free to just 100 guys who found their way to my site, desperately looking for some help and advice, so they could cope with pos-divorce life.

Even your closest friends can be of no emotional help and might even appear distant and loathe to engage you on these issues.

Sometimes your entire friend network can be ripped asunder by the divorce as well making these limited points of social contact much more difficult to obtain!

No matter what people might think - it is Perhaps Some of These Seem Familiar to You?

By Jennifer Wolf Whether your children are grieving over the loss of a grandparent, or the effects of divorce on your immediate family, you are likely to be grieving right alongside them.

That alone makes helping your children cope with the stages of grief more complicated.

Bereavement researchers, John Bowlby and Colin Murray Parkes, have divided grief into four distinct phases, or stages of grief, that individuals experience.

Knowing what to anticipate as your children move through the stages of grief, will help you to help them cope with this dynamic process.

Now listen, I don’t bring these things up to further depress you or make you feel bad in any way, but I did want to make sure I understand your plight because I have been there too and I have researched it myself.

The other reason is to make sure you know what you could be leaving behind.

Not your marriage of course – all the fallout from the divorce I mean.

At this stage you might be struggling to live day to day and just want to feel a little better than the day before.


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