Heidi watney and dating

It’s just another example of the bullshit we all have to put up with in life.

Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz held his fifth annual golf tournament over the weekend, and with the help of some of his celebrity friends the event was the most successful to date in its effort to raise money that provides critical care to children in the Dominican Republic.

So for years around here it has been accepted as fact that Red Sox/NESN side-line reporter Heidi Watney had a relationship with catcher Jason Varitek that contributed to his failed marriage. Watney was in her car, heard it, and broke out the tweet machine saying it was not true. She denied “the rumor” without ever saying what it is and then begged Red Sox Nation to stop with the name calling and pointing of fingers. Now two years later she is in public denying the affair while claiming she is not that type of girl, she comes from a deeply Christian family, and was not raised that way? Look how fast they got Watney straightened out with a message (stop pointing fingers, especially at ownership) and the forums (sports radio – only this time not the just the flagship station.) Hey, where were they when this rumor got started in 2009?

So much so that Michael Felger referenced it on the Sports Hub the other day. She then took to the airwaves the next day and plead her case. ‘This is not going to win us a championship next year,’ is the new message from Yawkey Way. Well folks, this is another reason why Red Sox ownership sucks.

So the Red Sox Holy Trinity went to spin control and set-up her radio interviews while scripting her for the appearances. When every sports commentator is blasting ownership for leaking stories about Terry Francona’s private life Watney’s error became a tool to get ownership’s message out there. Back when it happened they probably told her there was nothing that could be done. Unless Heidi is lying, and I don’t believe she is, (otherwise she would let it rest) she has been done a terrible disservice by her bosses.

Ladies and gentlemen perhaps you may wish to google the words heidi watney jason varitek affair.

The most lucrative auction item was tickets to a taping of SNL (donated by Myers), which went for $13,000.

A lunch date with Heidi Watney and a private gymnastics lesson with Raisman were also big-money items, drawing bids of almost ,000 apiece.

Courtesy of Chaz Niell, here are a few photos from the event.

Larry giving her a list of bullshit reasons why nothing can be done.

Meyer loved to have actors marry and divorce and screw around. (Except being gay – other that that there was no bad press) Can’t you picture Heidi in Larry’s office crying her eyes out while blowing her nose?

—- Note to Globe editorial board: I was embarrassed for you guys this morning as I read your Red Sox piece.

Referring to a woman as a “chick” or manipulating/contributing to her falsely having a loose reputation?

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