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thanks cindy Answer Hans Winterhalder founded HAWINA (however this trade mark was not registered until 1925), clock company for world wide exports and had 800 employee in Germany, England and Russia around 1908.

The company fell on hard times and was purchased by the Junghans Brothers enterprise. Hans was the just about the last of the Winterhalders of the highly regarded Winterhalder & Hoffmeyer involved in the clockmaking business.

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On the back of the clock mechanism it says: Heanina, HWN,#99363, unit (I think is what it says) Garantie, DRPa. Please advise, Barbie Answer Barbie, I do not have any information, but have placed an inquiry to my Internet Clocksmiths Group. John Newman THE VILLAGE CLOCKSMITH Historic Downtown Prattville Alabama Here are the following replies I received: Check the name again. If so, it is a tradename of Winterhalder, which would agree with the HWN. Again, my source is Kochmann, and thus subject to errors therein.

I think it is Hawina, Hans Winterhalder AG, Neustadt Germany. Heanina, HWN,#99363, unit (I think is what it says) Garantie, DRPa. John As much as I would like to offer values of clocks, I am not a certified appraiser and will not venture into giving an unresearched guess.

The founder, Hans, was related to the founders of Winterhalder-Hofmeier. Don't know the maker, but "Garantie" is "Guaranteed". There is very little published information on what I consider to be the value of "modern production clocks".

Considerations are what the clock originally sold for, the condition of the case and movement, and particularly the area in which you live, the demand and the economy. However, I can advise the clock owner on proper maintenance of a clock to keep it running, small corrections and adjustments and how to move a clock without damaging it. It helps if you can send any information on the clock movement which is usually found on the back plate of the movement.

I have been a clockmaker for about 35 years and was plant engineer in the mid 90's and later operations and engineering consultant at Emperor Clock Company in Fairhope, Alabama. One of my greatest accomplishments was traveling to China to assist a clock factory in building clocks to the standards which we required.

With the proper specifications and quality control, some beautiful clock cases were built.

The factory people from the wood carvers to the plant manager were very congenial, friendly and I left a lot of wonderful friends when I returned from my trips.

Organizations NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) 30 years Prattville, Alabama Chamber of Commerce Publications Horological Times, a publication of the American Watch and Clockmakers Instute.

Collaberated column author, with Photos and ideas for clock movement conversion article.


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