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The order, issued by state Judge Barbara Bellis on Aug.

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Exceptionally lightweight (weighing less than 8 kg), it can be fired from a variety of mounts, including special mounts on helicopters, land vehicles, and naval vessels.

Features include a gas regulator for additional power in harsh conditions such as mud and dirt, tritium night sights, picatinny rails for optical and other devices, and four safety mechanisms to min IWIze unwanted fire.

The NEGEV NG7 – which delivers remarkable Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and long service life – is drum or belt-chain fed, fires from an open bolt position, and is easily dismantled for maintenance in the field.

A protective order has been issued on behalf of Remington Arms in a case filed by the families of Sandy Hook victims that blocks confidential information from public view, but not the documents entirely.

Plaintiffs filed suit in December 2014 and the case was shuffled between state and federal court for a year.

Families of nine Sandy Hook victims in the case argue ARs — the civilian versions of standard U. military rifle — are weapons of war and should not be sold to civilians.

They argue Remington knew the military aspect would entice the gun owning public and the carnage it could cause. 14, 2012, the gunman fired 154 rounds in less than five minutes and killed 20 first-graders and six educators, according to the final report by state authorities.

The company is calling it “the World’s Only 7.62mm Caliber Light Machine Gun with Semi-Automatic Mode”. This feature will allow troops to use the machine gun as a rifle if the situation requires it, for example if they run low on ammo. It is nice to see some real thought put into the design of the NG7 butt stock.

48 (M249 chambered in 7.62mm) has a semi-automatic fire mode.

It is foldable and is adjustable for both length of pull and cheek height. The NEGEV NG7 includes a semi-automatic firing mode that enables accurate fire in combat situations, including ambush, Close Quarter Battle (CQB), and when shooting via telescope – and is the only 7.62 with single bullet firing capability.

In automatic mode, its rate of fire is over 700 bullets per minute.


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