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The Tianhe district where I was staying was incredibly modern, and reminded me a little of Tokyo.

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When I first visited China to meet a Chinese girl I’d contacted on a Chinese dating site, I headed for Wuhan in Hubei Province. Now I have nothing against Wuhan – it’s an interesting city and I had a great time there.

But I did have a number of problems: So for my second and third trips to meet Chinese ladies, I tried a different tactic.

Instead of using Chnlove and meeting the first girl who looked interesting, I joined Chinese Love Links and set my preferred city to Guangzhou.

Using willpower made of steel, I ruthlessly deleted emails and interests from any lady who didn’t live in Guangzhou. Well I’d heard that it was an old colonial city with a few tourist attractions.

More usefully, there was a brand new metro line that allowed easy travel from the airport terminal building all the way into the centre of Guangzhou.

Guangzhou also has plenty of international flights.

I’m a bit miffed in that we Brits don’t have the luxury of direct flights to Guangzhou from Heathrow – something the French have from Paris, but Cathay Pacific do have a good flight to Hong Kong that connects reasonably well with the Guangzhou shuttle flights.

Oddly enough it’s actually cheaper to opt for the London to Guangzhou ticket than to buy a ticket just to Hong Kong. When I arrived in Guangzhou I was pretty stunned at how nice and modern it was.

As to the Guangzhou girls – well I’ve met over half a dozen via China Love Match and Chinese Love Links, and each one has been great in their own way.


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