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There also a cool 25% markdown on the Pegassi Reaper, ideal for navigating the loops and jumps of the latest community-Created Stunt Races.

PREMIUM STUNT RACE: "VESPUCCI" Finally, this week's Premium Stunt Race is Vespucci, and is locked to the new Progen Tyrus, released with Cunning Stunts.

First place finishers receive GTA$100,000, second place GTA$30,000 and third place earns back their GTA$20,000 entry fee. To join a Premium Race, enter the yellow Premium Race blip at Legion Square, pay the cover charge, and take on seven rivals to win big. Cunning Stunts has already delivered 27 death-defying Stunt Races alongside a host of new stunt-ready vehicles and more, adding a whole new dimension to GTA Online racing...

Now, prepare for an unrelenting barrage of new and outlandish custom Races with today's launch of the Stunt Race Creator.

For those already in-game, you may have noticed the new Adversary Mode corona in downtown Los Santos that was introduced with Cunning Stunts.

Walking into the blip will take you straight into an active Adversary Mode, and this week it can quickly place you in a lobby to play either Extraction, Entourage or Hunting Pack.

EXECUTIVE DISCOUNTS This week’s discounts include half off all Executive Offices and 25% off Office Decor & Customizations like the office Safe or Gun Locker.

Assistant Services, such as Impound Recovery and Pegasus Vehicle Delivery, are also half off as well as all clothing from Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.

This week in GTA Online, Executives and CEOs of Los Santos are advised to gather their Bodyguard detail and earn Double GTA$ & RP in three Adversary Modes all requiring teamwork, trust and collaboration in order to keep a Target alive.

So that you've got somewhere to discuss strategy, there are shrewd discounts on Executive Offices, Services and accoutrements, as well as discounts on a few vehicles befitting an Organization‘s top brass.


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