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Lovers Club Cats.esp; Lovers Club Cats Sx.esp; Lovers Slave ? x Lovers is a collection of mods for the game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion created by collection of Japanese modder. id=29751 Coronerras Maximum Compatability Skeletons: id=27945 rev 78 is now obsolete you should use rev 85 english release.It is basically a modification that adds mature content to the game such as sex and pregnancy. Latest Oblivion patch (1.2.0416) Oblivion Mod Manager(Recommended): Lovers with PK 1.4.1 rev 85 (includes everything as of 26/01/11):

Thank you to Honesty for inspiring me to make this tutorial. You may skip to Part 4 if you know files and folders structures of Oblivion.

Also this tutorial will work under the assumption that you are mainly using FEMALE character and don't really care much about male. After you finished installing Oblivion and all of its additional contents.

(Shivering Isles, Knights of the Nine and all DLC plugin) You must download and install the following patches first.

If you want to use Cursed armor, download the cursed armor 7z file and unpack it.

Copy everything from the Cursed Armor Quest folder into your oblivion data folder, merging and overwriting where necessary.

You also have to rename "OBSE_Elys_Pluggy.dll" to "OBSE_Elys_Pluggy_Hud.dll" in the OBSE folder. This tutorial will teach you how to make Oblivion women beautiful from a fresh install.Run BOSS, and make certain everything is checked in oblivion mod manager. Please do follow the instructions carefully and DO NOT skip any one of them unless I said so. I know it's a bunch load of texts but reading them will benefit you in the long run when you have problems. This is because there will be drawback when you successfully installed the mods where male's head color can be a little bit off from the body.If you want to use it, either disable Raper S, or change the settings in-game so you cannot rape or be raped through Raper S.To start with, make sure you've gotten all the requirements! Once you've got all of that installed, unzip Lovers with PK 1.4 Rev 78.Copy everything from the Main Install folder into your Oblivion Data folder.If you wish to use some of the machine-translated plugins, copy them from the Optional Plugins folder into your Oblivion Data folder.

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