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This can be accomplished through changing your MX records.

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I have a godaddy host for my website and I use Office 365 for my hosted exchange, my hosted exchange email works great.

My problem is that I have this super simple php email script but when I use it, godaddy thinks that it is internal email and the message never reaches my office 365 hosted exchange account, but it goes to my system default account as undeliverable. If I use the same script to send to account or account, it works great.

but sending to an account that ends with @my_does not reach the outside world and only gets an undeliverable message internally. I needed to call Go Daddy and have them adjust my account so mail flow does not go internally but to my external email.

Posting this in case someone else is having the same issue.

I will be glad if someone would be kind enough to help me solve this. It also receives email the from email same email domain within the network. To move the same email domain hosted by Godaddy to the internally hosted exchange server. I set my router to forward port 25 to the mail server for SMTP.

This server sends email within the local network and to internet emails as well. Is this something I will do from the Godaddy account, my ISP or both?

I have an internally hosted exchange server with the same domain name as the one hosted by Godaddy. To connect Outlook 2007 to this email even outside the local network. What type of record do I need to create if that is what it is I should do?

You are free to use a different mail server but still host your website with In Motion Hosting.

This hostname is another record known as an A (address) record, which points to an IP address.

That IP address is the server that will be handling the email for your domain. These are set into a chronological priority order, where the lowest number gets priority.

Incoming email checks for the server set for the lowest priority first.


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