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As those those communities usually are very closed.I found out that a few things about dubai locals (also on this forum):1) u should have enough cash to go in relationship with local girl - this point is ok and I have no problems in it, even I'm not a billionaire but I believe my family earns more then average emirati family.2) u shld be from GCC region -well, I'm not.3) there r some crazy brothers that go mad when their sisters get in relationship with non-local guys - I believe it happens but not every time.So now to the question: In western communities it's easy to meet a girl as there're places to hang out and women are open minded and usually opened for flirt and etc. and if you have any examples I'll be glad to hear it. The majority of families would not approve of Emirati girls being in a relationship with non-locals.

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What's the obsession with wanting to date a local girl anyway?

The best person to reply this question is Nucs I guess.

Local girls I know are educated and open minded but still wearing abayas and go out with local guys, with the supervision of their family of course.

And as Chocs said, what is the obsession with going out with a local girl?

I'd like to ask ppl here about possibility of having a relationship with local girls?

After a few visits to Dubai at my vacations I found it as a very interesting place.

Where I think I'd come back many times during next years.

I'm asking my question cuz I know that in muslim countries, especially in mideast, it hard to get into relationship with local woman if you don't have a connections with community she lives in.

If you already know a local girl and want to get closer with her then this question might make more I don't see a problem with abaya, but I kinda don't understand this "local girl marry local guy" thing. I think it's not about religion but may be more about tribalism that i think exists here, but that's outdated, you can't be educated and open-minded and in the same time support this tribal thing.

,why do you want to get yourself sexually frustrated with those girls?

they are expensive to maintain , not much up there( intellectually ), they are extemely klingy and can get you into trouble. just keep away from them like the AIDS virusgo get a slutty euro chick that knows how to please a man. From my experience with them, they will go out with any good looking Arab guy, not anyone else. But if you look Emirati and speak Arabic, you might have a chance. if your so desperate in meeting a local girl go to a mall sit arround smile at a few if you dont get a slap then you may get a number...


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