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Lun Lun always keeps us on our toes, so stay tuned!Friday, August 12 Days in the panda building are always busy.

In fact, when I first started working in pandas before the twins were born, all Lun seemed to do was sleep.

She will also somersault into a sleeping position, which is something that we only see during hormonal changes.

These behaviors are great indicators that her hormones are changing, but we may not know anything for sure for at least a few more weeks.

We will continue sending urine samples for analysis and performing ultrasounds until we know whether Lun Lun is pregnant or not.

It's a great reminder that these bears are just that: bears.

It takes an awful lot of force to crush and consume bamboo stalks, and the pandas' teeth and jaws are well-adapted for that purpose.

I enjoy watching the pandas methodically consume bamboo.

Monday, August 15 While we have not yet begun a giant panda birthwatch and have not confirmed yet that Lun Lun is pregnant or not pregnant, we have been closely monitoring her for signs of impending pregnancy or pseudopregnancy.

She has started showing some slight changes in behavior over the last couple of days that indicate that we may be moving toward the end of this reproductive cycle.

The most pronounced behavioral changes affect her activity and appetite.

As Lun moves toward the end of a pregnancy or pseudopregnancy, we will see a decrease in both appetite and activity.


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