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His son, Max, also has dyslexia, but a more severe case than his father.

George initially believed Manny, his father, was dead (which was what Benny told him so he would stop asking where his father was), but learned he was actually alive from Manny's sister and George's aunt, Cecelia.

When Manny sends George a check to help him out of financial trouble, George goes to see him in Phoenix, and ends up punching him in Benny's honor (the first gift Benny actually wanted from him).

Benny is incensed at this, but decides to accept it for George's sake.

At Thanksgiving dinner later that year, Manny is revealed to need a kidney transplant, so George offers to donate his kidney. George gets a package with a gold watch and a letter from Manny asking him not to come to his funeral to avoid ruining his reputation.

Angry and hurt, George destroys the watch, not knowing that it is worth a fortune until Benny tells him it must have been worth a lot more than when she was with Manny.

At the start of the series, he and Angie were very much in love.

But as the series progresses, their marriage becomes more and more competitive, disputing on issues such as who's a better parent or who does more work in the house.

George Edward Lopez (played by George Lopez) is the main protagonist of the series. George married Angie Palmero right out of High School and had two children, Carmen and Max.

George is Mexican descent and proudly boasts about it several times throughout the series, though he occasionally makes jokes about it as well.

In the pilot episode, "Prototype," George gets promoted to manager of Powers Brothers Aviation (usually seen as Powers Bros.), an airplane parts factory.

He is also dyslexic, which often comes into play on the show.

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