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Later observed as "Defenders' Day" on September 12 as a state, county and city official holiday. John Stricker (1758–1825), the several Maryland Militia regiments march east out of town to hold the Redcoats for several hours in a severe back-and-forth exchange of rifle and cannon fire on the battlefield on the narrow neck of the peninsula known as "Patapsco Neck" or "Godly Wood" between Back River's Bread and Cheese Creek to the north and Bear Creek to the Patapsco River to the south, when the left northern flank finally collapses, Stricker withdraws his men back to the city in good order and the protective heavier fortifications after having considerably bloodied the stunned enemy who expected another rout.

Most War action in first year is on the Great Lakes and Canadian borders.

Constellation from Baltimore have several stunning victories but later get bottled up in American harbor by later British blockade of east coast, later stifling Baltimore commerce.

In one Linthicum home, with a wink to the discos of yesteryear, a V. The goal is to tell the stories of people who make a difference every day: teachers, coaches, police officers, firefighters,...

The Capital quarterly magazine "Capital Style" is launching a new series, Hometown Heroes.

Maryland's First Lady, Yumi Hogan, stepped into the sweltering humidity to greet her guests.

All around her, the gardens at Government House, known as The Governor's Mansion, were abloom with lush, vivid colors.

Off to one side one could see the leafy greens and other vegetables in the First Lady's...

Christian Siriano always wanted first lady Michelle Obama to wear one of his dresses.Last night in Philadelphia -- while she delivered a speech for the ages -- FLOTUS did just that.“It is an incredible honor to have such an amazing woman wear one of my creations," Siriano said in an email to... 20,000 drafted and volunteer citizens along with armed militia, regular U. Army and troops from Pennsylvania have fortified dug-in entrenchments, under overall command of Maj. Samuel Smith (1752–1839) of Maryland Militia, who planned for months that British would eventually come that very same way. Navy warships like some of the "Original Six" frigates of 1797, such as the U. Wells and Richard or Henry Mc Comas of "Aisquith's Sharpshooters" according to legend and command was assumed by Col. John Sterett's home of "Surrey" [still standing near modern Erdman Avenue and Pulaski Highway, U. Route 40] and leaving a courteous note for the Colonel for his "hospitality" of dinner and accommodations) on "Loudenschlager's Hill" (later "Hampstead Hill" in modern-day Patterson Park) where approx. Ross is killed in a skirmish before the main North Point battle by militiamen Henry or Daniel? British Army stays on the battlefield for the night tending their wounded in a local Methodist Meeting House along Old North Point Road and evacuating some by barge at night down the creeks to the fleet moored out in Old Roads Bay off North Point and slowly advances the next morning to a mile within sight of the heights east of town (occupying Col.

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