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I was prepared to deprive myself of a good thing because I didn’t want to be a terrible person by dating someone my former friend had been so smitten with, and I wasn’t trying to be about the drama that would come with her finding out.But what if the person you shouldn’t date is the perfect person for you at that moment in times?

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It was springtime, and every bit of me wanted to be whisked away by a wave of romance and wonder so overwhelming that I wouldn’t be able to breathe.

Even though she and I weren’t speaking at that point, I dated her older brother a couple of years earlier, and I didn’t want it to seem like I had it out for her by hooking up with this guy too.

I refused his request for my number and thought that was the end of that, until he called me a few days later (a friend of mine who didn’t know about any of this gave him my number).

I couldn’t even pretend to be offended, because I hadn’t stopped thinking about him since that night.We went on to have a year-long relationship, and it was one of the best I’ve ever had.It would ache in a good way every time I imagined his gorgeous face.The flowers were slowly budding out of their September shyness, and I wanted to be right there with them.I was attracted to him right away when I spotted him at the jazz club, but something wasn’t quite right.Our introduction was super smooth, but by the end of the night the source of my discomfort finally hit me: I knew his name. There’s an unwritten rule about not dating your friends’ exes, and the fact that he was her former situation meant that he was completely off-limits to her friends.


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