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Next time, if your looking to connect with a nice Russian, wear a nice sweater and try 4.

All Business During the Work Week – Stone Cold Fox on the Weekends – Still Not Sexy. A Tryst With a Catfish – Bizarre, Twisted, Kinky – And Anything But Sexy.

Nothing says “I’m a laugh a minute” like preparing for death!

Fifth date: First Base, because by that time, ladies, you will be so hot a cold shower couldn’t cool your desires! You can’t just drop that you met JC in 1975 and not give us any details!

Is it OK that once, in college, I did that thing that cannot be mentioned? Now, if his “Ninja Sword” is a nick name for something a little more personal, you should be willing to let it slide as long as it lives up to the hype!

HOWEVER, under NO circumstances should if be brought out in public, especially to members of the opposite sex.

Every guy has some interest that is a little geeky.

The goofball technicians at Team Jimmy Joe have scoured the planet to bring you the best of the worst sexy profile pic fails.

From Bad Glamor shots to not hot Facebook and Internet Dating Site profiles, these un-seductive beauties clearly demonstrate what not to do if in you are in search of bagging a mate.

There’s been a lot of talk about Russian dating profile pics.

Even Pew Die Pie has gotten into the action, mentioning this post in one of his videos.


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