Funny cyber sex chat

*Chat Room Rules* *Everyone must be respectful of other peoples fetishes.

They may not be your own but we won't have any name-calling or hatefulness or fighting in the room.

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*Do not give your personal contact information like phone numbers or addresses in chat. If you want to e-mail the ladies their e-mail addresses are listed on the site on their page.

*Do not ask the ladies for free phone calls or cyber in any form.

It's not fair to them to be put on the spot in that way and not fair to the owners of the site.

This applies to open chat as well as in private messages, and is also a rule against role-playing with the other visitors.

*The room is for Phoneamommy customers to set up calls with the ladies from the site.

You are welcome here anytime but after a period of friendly chatting you have to understand the ladies have to work.*No advertising other sites or services in our room, no posting links.*The ladies whose names are listed with a red icon beside their names are people who work for the site. *This is a phonesex chat room for not an abdl dating chat room.Do not share contact information with those besides the Mommies.There are plenty of abdl chat rooms if that is what you are looking for. *There is a no cybering policy in the chat room, no roleplay. This does not mean simply vanilla cyber sex, this also means diaper changes, bdsm sessions, breast feedings, no sitting on laps, basically if we do it on a call it won't be done in chat.There is nothing wrong with talking and chatting about what brought you to our room, just know that the ladies are not going to play out a scenario.


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