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Lori Gorshow, a dating coach with Dating Made Simple, weighs in on the challenges of a large age difference between the younger male and older female, stating, "I am of the belief that the impact of the number depends on three factors: chronological, emotional and the intellectual ages of the two people involved.

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She'll be wondering if there's a future, and whether having sex with the man will make it more or less likely that there will be a lasting relationship.

Will she have made an emotional connection she'll come to regret if she has sex with him?

Men think of sex as a physical connection primarily, but women think of it as an emotional and physical one.

The truth is that although older women would like to experience a lot more fun and excitement in their life, they do NOT want to have to babysit any young kids (or be reminded of it).

This is why it is so Because many older women don’t want to come across as too “easy to get”.

Many older women don’t want to appear as naughty women who are out seeking pleasure and adventure.

If you're in a relationship with a woman more than a few years your senior, or you just dream of having sex with an older woman and wonder what it would be like, there are some challenges to overcome first.

The relationship - or sex - can be rewarding, if you know what to expect.

Can you, your lover, and any friends or family whose opinions you value deal with the age gap? You may be attracted to her no matter what, but some women feel that age and time are not her friends.

If you're in a new relationship or you're looking to have sex with an older woman, keep in mind how different views on sex could be exacerbated by an age gap.

A young man looking to "hook up" may not have the same outlook on sex as an older woman looking for a committed relationship.


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