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The Butterfly Park is home to more than 50 different species of butterflies.

Aside from the butterflies, you get to enjoy the sight of flowering plants, lush trees, cascading waterfalls, and 20 exotic bird species.

It has a learning center where you can learn more about these exquisite creatures.

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Florida is extremely Recreational Vehicle friendly with several camping grounds close to major attractions, making it easy for an RVer in a private RV rental in Florida. Home to the biggest collection of theme parks in the world, Orlando is so jam-packed with family friendly activities. You can visit Walt Disney World, which features its own Davy Crockett themed RV Campground where you can park your RV rental in Orlando, Florida.

Major cities include Tallahassee, Ocala, Sarasota, Orlando, Daytona, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Gainesville. You can also check out the Universal Studios, which recently completed work on a new Harry Potter Land, or you might want to visit the Sea World Orlando.

Some of the parks have recently undergone facelifts, so returning visitors will get new attractions to enjoy while first timers enjoy the classics that make these parks so endearing. Orlando has the best water parks in the world as well, and is only a thirty-minute drive from beautiful beaches.

Orlando theme parks are perfect for a Drive your RV rental to Florida Keys, and check out the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.

Florida is a state that draws millions of visitors each year.

It is the perfect road trip state: enjoy fun in the sun in Miami, thrills and theme parks in Orlando, or relax in the Florida Keys.From Nazca to nature trails, sailing to sightseeing, an RV is never lacking in things to do.The savvy visitors get all the best of the state without breaking their travel budgets by traveling in an RV rental to Florida.If you still want to purchase some souvenirs for your friends, you can do so at the gift shop where almost everything is butterfly-related!If you are a car aficionado, you must drive your RV rental in Florida to Fort Lauderdale, and visit the Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum.The museum is a replica of a of a Packard showroom from the 1920's, and showcases antique and classic cars dating back to 1909.

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