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One respondent, 33 and married, who has lived her whole life in the country, wrote that dating is not allowed; she does not know anyone using any such apps or websites.

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Saudi Arabia currently has the world’s Nikia Johnson, who works for Whos Here, said in an email that Saudis use the app to make and meet new friends who are in their area or when traveling, as well as to chat and meet with people for dating purposes.

ith the help of Susie Khalil, an American blogger living in Jeddah, we conducted a Facebook survey of current Saudi Arabia residents to get their views on dating and the apps that enable it.

Most described a culture seemingly incompatible with a service such as Whos Here.

An Afternoon With MIT's Most Important Invention The Man Who Recorded, Tamed and Then Sold Nature Sounds to America The First Campaign Websites Were Just 2 Tech Guys Trolling Bob Dole And Bill Clinton In Saudi Arabia’s infamously conservative society, interaction between single, unrelated members of the opposite sex is off the table, both culturally and legally.

Being caught alone with a man who isn’t kin can put a woman in some serious hot water.

Her reputation and marriage prospects could be out the window.

As for men, they are forbidden from approaching women they don’t know.

In their view, older generations are mostly unaware of such apps and disapprove of dating itself.

“Earlier, even Facebook was taboo,” wrote a 20-year-old Jeddah resident.


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