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It was the most miserable time of my life.” On his return, Boris was distraught.“She was always waiting for me when I came home, but this time there was no sign of her,” he said.

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The last time she had seen him was three days after their wedding, when she kissed him goodbye and sent him off to rejoin his Red Army unit.

“I thought my eyes were playing games with me,” Anna said. I was crying with joy.” Now 80 years old, Boris had returned to visit his parents’ grave.

“I saw this familiar looking man approaching me, his eyes gazing at me. As he stepped out of the car, he looked up to see Anna standing by her old house, where they had lived for the few days after the wedding.

Her father had been purged by Stalin before the war for refusing to work in a collective farm, but Boris did not care. “I loved her and would always defend her,” he recalled. When he came home from the front, she was always there, waiting. It was a hasty wedding; there was no time for anything else and they could not afford anything grand in those hard years after the war. “We kissed goodbye - but I never expected we wouldn’t see each other for more than half a century,” Anna said.

A little while later, the state caught up with her.

Like her father, she was branded an enemy of the people and forced with the rest of her family into internal exile in Siberia.

“I threatened to commit suicide rather than go because I couldn’t live without him,” she said, “but in the end I was forced to go.

“I ran up to her and said: 'My darling, I’ve been waiting for you for so long.

My wife, my life...’” They stayed up all night, talking about everything that had happened to them and the cruel circumstances that tore them apart.

They met when he was secretary of the Young Communists and had to make a speech in the village.

Afterwards, she was standing there in a circle of friends, but he had eyes only for her.

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