Free two way sew chat

We love their selection of stylish and cheeky designs!

The days of slaving away and doing it all on your own are over.

Designer Karl Lohnes took on the challenge of drastically making over his ground-floor terrace at his Toronto townhouse.

His budget-savvy strategies serve as the ultimate guide for updating your own porch, patio or balcony.

Sending online invitations helps keep track of RSVPs.

Sites like Paperless Post will keep your guest list organized, send reminders and have all party information located in one convenient place.

Open it, slide over the straw and use a hot glue gun to secure in place.

I really can't believe we only have just a few days left before we move back to Jersey! They threw me a going away party which was so nice of them.

I kind of don't feel the panic anymore which is a good thing... Justin and I are in pack mode now which consists of us putting a few things in a box and then sitting on the couch for 30 minutes or longer.

As guests arrive, greet them with a signature cocktail like this spiked blueberry lemonade.

Then, put guests to work: designate an area as a mix-it-yourself drink station.

To be truly Canadian, make sure to set a cooler on the back deck stocked with beer and other cold beverages. It can be something as simple as these straw flowers made from cupcake liners.

Fold one in half three times, cut a scalloped edge over the top and trim off the tip at the bottom to make a small hole.

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