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We can get you the best insurance quote for the best coverage because we have access to multiple markets.We give our personal attention to your equine insurance.No matter how you want to handle your insurance conversations, you have choices.

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Our LEED Recycling Program will divert your Construction and Demolition Debris from Landfills and redirect those recyclable resources back to the manufacturing process, creating a complete lifecycle for your building materials.

Congratulations to our founder, Doug Henry, for his recent induction into the Jump Canada Hall of Fame!

Did you know that Doug Henry originally founded Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd.

as an extension of his passion for riding, showing, jumping and caring for horses?

Doug's lifelong involvement in Canada's equestrian community went beyond a casual interest. We're ready to offer you our 30 years of experience designing, managing and providing Horse Insurance expertise for the equestrian industry.

It was an integral part of his life, as evidenced by Doug's legacy and many accomplishments. You get a team of experienced, professional insurance brokers looking out for your best interest. Clients just like you have trusted our Henry Equestrian Plans (HEP) for mortality, liability, medical and surgical insurance, liability and tack coverage for horses, as well as our specialty products for farms and facilities and all your equestrian insurance needs. As an independent broker, we own and operate our business.

That means that we do not work for the insurance companies, we work for you.

These bins can be rented to haul out garden waste, home renovations waste, roof shingles, asphalt, concrete, walkways, flooring, gravel, construction clean up, back-yard & garage clean up etc.

has been operating as a multi-purpose facility providing collection and processing of construction and demolition waste for the province of Ontario along with the composting of…

Our service is reliable and environmentally friendly.

TRY Recycling was designed with the LEED projects in mind.

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