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Even from eight or nine years old, I thought, Well, I'll be the greatest rock star in England. It was this androgynous thing I found absolutely fascinating. It's marvelous that they've actually got a huge audience over here now. Even my sexual orientation; I was just searching for what I really wanted. He pulled everybody out of that depression and everybody hated Roosevelt. One after the other, with everybody saying, he can't get in again. The hippies, I'm afraid, don't know what's happening. He's probably going through his most uninspired period at the moment. Of course, we found out later the guy had mental problems. He was hovering, like, six inches above the ground. I mean, I go out and my music is roughly the format of rock and roll, I use the chord changes of rock and roll, but I don't feel I'm a rock and roll artist. [, June 1978]POP MUSIC: I have an incredibly hard time with it at the moment. There's this strange atmosphere now that's come over sex that I'm particularly angry about. Everybody voted for Roosevelt four times and he did a hell of a lot. I'm not sure that an art career would have any benefit for me; I'm not sure it's what I want. It's almost a social grace to get into the art world, and I'm very wary of it.

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He's certainly had an effect on use: We can't choose an outfit without "Fashion" playing in our heads and we're still trying to perfect his sideways hop-dance with another of our favorite rebels, Mick Jagger, in their video for "Dancing in the Street."We first met Bowie back in his Ziggy Stardust days in March of 1973 and have kept in touch throughout the ‘70s, ‘90s, and ‘00s. I had books up there, my music up there, my record player.

Somewhat surprisingly, we don't have any interviews with Bowie from the ‘80s, but we can only assume that it was because he was too busy starring as Jareth, the Goblin King, alongside Jennifer Connelly in AGE: 65BIRTHPLACE: Brixton, London, UKCHILDHOOD DREAMS: I had a plan from when I was eight. You can stuff all your punk bands, give me three children instead. Going from my world upstairs out onto the street, I had to pass through this no-man's-land of the living room, you know, and out the front hall.

My father brought home all these American records, 45s with no centers. [ May 1990]I WOULD LIKE TO BELIEVE..people knew what they were fighting for and why they wanted a revolution, and exactly what it was within [society] that they didn't like. The emphasis shouldn't be on revolution, it should be on communication. The more the revolution goes on, and there will be a civil war sooner or later.

Like a favorite pair of blue jeans, the cabaret was a place where people felt comfortable.

To celebrate their 10-year anniversary, Hudson Jeans have adopted this free-spirited mentality with the launch of the "Hudson Cabaret" —a tribute to pushing past the boundaries and living a life free of inhibition.

Always a fan of self-expression, anniversaries, and bon-vivant, searched our archives for our favorite moments with the most rebellious and denim-loving subjects; those who stray from the usual rules of society and "let themselves go." Singer, actor, narrator, dancer, director, producer, performance artist, icon, rebel...there are many ways you could describe David Bowie.

45 years after releasing his debut eponymous album, Bowie remains a short cut to cool-a name dropped by everyone from teenaged musicians to middle-aged academics.

And he said, "Go on, you can take your pick." I said, "I'll just take a few out." There was this one by Little Richard, and that was it. When I heard that, I thought, God, I want to do that. Chelsea boots, but with fluorescent pink or green socks and eye shadow that matched the socks he was wearing that day. I guess I thought I had really taken a risk becoming involved with Main Man [record company]... [ May 1990]JOINING THE MAINSTREAM: I went mainstream in a major way with the song "Let's Dance." I pandered to that in my next few albums, and what I found I had done was put a box around myself. I mean, to put down the aims of a society is to put down a hell of a lot of people and that scares me that there should be such a division where one set of people are saying that another set should be killed.

Actually, my ambition at eight or nine years old was to be one of Little Richard's sax players, and that's when I got my first saxophone, a Selmer. And he had a slight bouffant hairstyle, parted in the middle. [, June 1978]FRIENDS: Oh, my God, who do I hang out with? The last six months, who have I been hanging around with? Most of the time we've been in Australia recording, so I've been hanging out with surfers and the occasional sheep farmer. Looking at it I thought, "Christ, what have I done? So I thought, well, another monster is not going to do any harm. It was very hard for people to see me as anything other than the person in the suit who did "Let's Dance," and it was driving me mad—because it took all my passion for experimenting away. I don't like people probing into my life, so I reveal as little as possible or lie about it as much as need be so as to give them something to write about.


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