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Many of their gods possessed cats’ physical features, expressive moodiness and sometimes-supernatural intelligence.

explores the role of cats, lions, and other feline creatures in Egyptian mythology, kingship and everyday life through 80 representations of cats from the Brooklyn Museum’s world-famous Egyptian collection.

Majestic lions, cuddly companions, fierce hunters and sleepy sun-lovers are all on view.

The ancient Egyptians participated in the domestication of cats and enjoyed their companionship as pets.

They also valued felines as protectors of their grain stores from vermin.

The early Egyptians venerated the dual nature of cats, who they admired on the one hand for their hunting abilities and fierceness and on the other for their protective and maternal instincts.

We are fortunate to present such evocative works of art that reflect not only the tremendous artistry of the Egyptians but their love of the beauty, complexity and mystery of cats, both wild and domestic.” Gallery design includes cases imbedded in pyramids and a timeline and map of ancient Egypt.The exhibition features thematic sections devoted to representations of small and large cats, feline-headed goddesses associated with the sun, sphinxes and other male protective deities, amulets and objects of daily life in feline form and ornamentation. Beyond , other cat representations are on view throughout the mewseum.Not so much people familiar with the beauty of this African country. Colorful underwater world, tons of fun, kind people and borderless deserts attracting tourists all the year.These soft Mediterranean and Red sea beaches, pyramids, sphinx – precious of the world and Egypt. Egypt is a successor of one of the most powerful civilization ever been in the world, which history is counted with centuries.Thanks to the Insecam project each tourist may visit Egypt in absentia.You can observe the situation in the country, how do the nation live, what’s going on streets with the assistance of Foscam and Axis real-time public cameras, that are installed in different corners of Egypt.


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