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*makes throw up sound and weird face*Alexis: First off, do it! Foxy x Reader Part 6After a few minutes of people complimenting you on your singing you finally make your way out of Pirate’s Cove, but you swore the whole time you could feel a star burrowing into your neck. After the store opens you start Can't Escape the Past - Human! Rodney stares at you and you look up at him, freezing as his amber resemble a wolf on the hunt, you being a deer in the headlights.

Links arms with chica and skips to the kitchen Rolls out of kitchen ha now non of yall can stuff me in a costume muhahahaha BURP passes out Wakes up in office 3am dammit it was a dream Can't Escape the Past - Human! You will receive more information about I throughout the week, but for now get back to work.” He says and walks away. You cough and they both look at you," Rodney we are going to put your cast on you now, in a week or so you'll be able to wheel around on a wheelchair if you want." Stein says.

Chica i know you like to eat gurl lets get some food! “Ja right dolly.” He says with grunt as he stands up. “Next week we will be sponsoring a ball, that will be held at the Hilton’s ballroom.” He says “It is mandatory that all of the staff show up, so I expect you to be there.” You blink a few times; your mind stil trying to register what he said. ” you asks and he responds “Yes a ball, it’s a fundraiser to help support orphans. You and Stein only make it about two feet from the door before you pause and watch as Rodney flirts with the nurse.

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You raise a brow, but push it off to the side “So why did you want my attention? Giving you a wink before (f.n.)__________ says,” Our first person up for auction is Bonnie, he’s a fun guy, who’ll let you ramble on as long as you want. , you think as suddenly the bid skyrockets, 400, 3650, 8905, all the way u to $12,459. Foxy x Reader Part 5LISTEN TO THIS BEFORE READING: Sighing as you walk to into the break room and grab a cup of coffee, you’re (hair color) tied into a bun behind your head. He’s popular with the kids and has been in the children’s Dead! Foxy x Reader - Chains of the Past: 2Stein smiles and sets his glasses back on the bridge of his nose," Now... An in walks a man with brown hair that’s parted to the side and seems to have a cow lick that defies gravity.

Foxy x Reader Part 9Foxy stares at you , or at least you think, from stage. You watch as the act Can't Escape the Past - Human! After the doctors said that you were healthy enough to work your mom immediately sent you to college saying that if she was going to help you get back on your feet you need to have a good job after you left her. Oddly though he usually gets around the hospital by a old swivel chair that you have offered a few times to replace but he always refuses. The unfamiliar room that you are in is filled with these sounds, the beeping of machines and almost mute sounds of the IV flowing the needed juices into you. Suddenly you hear a knock on the door, “Come in.” says the man in front of you. " Bonnie says before she starts eating like there's no tomorrow.

Chica suddenly comes out from behind me and grabs ahold of my arms “GET OFF BITCH! “That’s not a nice word kiddo.” Freddy says with a loud chuckle as Dead! Foxy x Reader - Chains of the Past: 1You hold a white clipboard in your hand as you walk towards the break room , it’s been a little more than 10 years since your apartment burned down and you left this town. He’s a tall forty something year old with grey hair, large roundish-rectangular, glasses and scars everywhere on his body. You stare at him while debating to ask anymore, but then decide against it after seeing how close he is to you… You look around the room for any means of escape, but see none.

(y.n.) __________’s friend was chosen to be a security guard at the pizzeria only yesterday.~First Person P. V.~I walk into the security guard room and see Freddy Fazbear and Bonnie trying to drag (f.n.) __________ out of the room. I immediately jump kick Freddy in the face and he knocks over Bonnie as he falls over with a loud thud. ” you respond while turning around to meet his gaze. Your vision starts to clear and you slowly croon your head side to side, taking in your surroundings.“When did I get here? Stein.“One of your neighbors noticed you hadn’t left your apartment for a while and called the police, found you out like a light on your bedroom floor."“Oh, Ms.(insert last name), you’re awake." You hear a man say cheerfully, a voice full of wo Vampire! " You stutter while the blood drains from your face and you pale," I think you know (your nickname)." He says while he strides closer... " This only makes Francis grin grow," Good." He says. When there are a few portions left, and everyone has eat enough, a portion of pizza flies just in front of me and ends up on C. She growls and Chica starts giggling."Isn't this funny?

Her friend had just called her by phone to come immediately, her voice was shaky and she seemed to be crying, that was only a few minutes ago. “Hello~”purrs a blurry figure above you, the glistening of their glasses makes it harder for you to see, but you can only assume it’s Dr. “You’ve been out for like 3 weeks (insert name)." he mutters while looking at what you assume is a check up sheet. You flush before almost yelling," HE'S NOT MY BO-BO-BOYFRIEND! " Lucky screams as he throws two portions of pizza: one goes for C. Foxy now plays with my (h/c) hair."You sure like my hair! Care for a Fox ~Foxy x Reader ~ Part 2You left Pirate Cove to leave, but sadly you had 5 minutes left there. A hand covers your mouth and you start screaming through the hand, you look down and noticed its brown.

An uncanny feeling engulfs her as soon as she walks in. "Your boyfriend back at the cafe called you that." He says. The others don't seem to notice when we go to Pirate Cove, as they're too busy with their battle. I sigh with relief, he Can't Escape the Past - Human! She looks around, it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop. A food battle starts and laughs are the only thing that can be heard. We're holding our hands under the table and playing with our fingers. If any of you haven't noticed (well none of you would even know this unless you were a close friend) But Jake is me and earlier I had a little somethin' to get off my chest. Foxy x Reader Part 1I do not own FNAF or you Picture belongs to Me: I'm almost gonna throw up! An before you know it you were in a car, what is up with him and kidnapping you???? Foxy x Reader Part 7 WARNING EXTREME FLUFFFirst: Human! You walk to the exit, all you want to do is go home and sleep, but before you could you even open the door you feel a hand on your shoulder, you jump and turn around while swinging your bad, hitting Jake right in the face, making him topple over. Rico just follows while blushing, he probably was forced into doing this. You walk over and grab Rodney's bed and IV stand before wheeling him back to his room. You couldn’t find out who because the crowd was so thick, but you had a feeling something bad was to happen. Foxy x Reader: 10Jake nods,” Come on we don’t have much time.” he says as he grabs your wrist. I watched as Jake drag (Your name)__________ out the door. go call the others we’re going to start the operation in 15 minutes.” ??? "If you like I could brush out your hair before giving you a sponge bath afterwards." The nurse coos while leaning over his bed. Taña I believe that's Ms.(last name)'s job, your patients are on floor B." The nurse sighs," Fine." She says before walking over to the door and winking at Rodney who grins.


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